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SOLD OUT - Sculpted Brass Multifunction Pocket Knife 'Le Coursolle' - 6 Pc - by Pitelet, France

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Sculpted Brass Multifunction Pocket Knife 'Le Coursolle' - 6 Pieces - Pitelet, France

This is an exceptional opportunity to purchase an incredibly rare pocket knife, Le Coursolle with 35% off the original asking price until Monday 18 December 2017.

With a sculpted solid brass handle, the Coursolle pocket knife was made exclusively by Pitelet a knife making company founded in Thiers in the 1920s. They ceased production n 1960.

With only a few remaining examples it's a rare opportunity to add to any big collection lover.

The knife is in original and perfect condition and has never been used. It has six functions that have a long and a short blade, a corkscrew, a bottle opener, a screwdriver and a needle. Please see the three-piece version.

The handle is made of brass with two sculpted relief images.

On one side of the pocket knife depicts two dancing figures - a Breton woman wearing a traditional Bigoudaine lace hat and an old man wearing Breton clogs and a flat hat.

The quality steel components are tempered to 65 Rockwell, and like most vintage knives they must be wiped or greased after use to prevent tarnishing and rust .


Open: 18.5cm

Farmhouse: 10.5cm

Weight: 105gm