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Pallarès Solsona Kitchen Knife - Olive Wood Handle - Carbon Steel Blade - 12cm -TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

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Pallarès Solsona Kitchen Knife - Olive Wood Handle - Carbon Steel Blade - 12cm

Olive Wood Kitchen Knife - 12 cm Carbon Steel Blade - Pallares, Salsona, Spain

Not only does this knife have the looks, but it also comes with an unrivalled pedigree in the guise of one of the best names in the knife-making industry, Pallares.

The Pallares family have been manufacturing high-quality knives in their Solsona workshop in Spain’s Catalonia region since 1917, and their mark of quality is hand-stamped onto each blade to guarantee its provenance.

Versatile, tough and with a beautiful olive wood handle, this knife deserves pride of place in your kitchen and will last a lifetime in caring hands.

The robust carbon-steel blade has a fine cutting edge that will last for a long time between sharpening if you treat it with care. Thus, making sure that you dry it properly between use is all that you need to do to prevent any rust and to help it develop a beautiful patina as years progress. 




When ordering please note that the actual product will differ from the image shown as each olive wood handle has its own unique character and pattern.