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Opinel No 12 Explore - Outdoor Survival / Hunting knife - Kaki-Orange - Firesteel, Knife, Gutting Hook, Survival Whistle

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Opinel No 12 Explore - Outdoor Survival / Hunting knife - Kaki-Orange - Firesteel, Knife, Gut Hook, Survival Whistle

The N°12 Explore is the first Survival Knife by the historic French knife makers, Opinel.

  • Gut Hook
  • Firesteel
  • Survival Whistle
  • Ultra resistant to humidity and shocks

Blade Length

10 cm - sharp and robust

Stainless Steel Sandvik Blade

Opinel's Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade has been especially heat treated to obtain a good hardness and is renowned for its sharpness and ease of maintenance. It has a carbon content of at least 0.40%, which makes it possible to obtain a very satisfactory cutting edge without being sensitive to corrosion.


The handle is composed of a polymide material impregnated with glass-fibre which guarantees a strong resistance to shocks, water and extreme temperatures (-40°C to +80°C). A pealess whistle is also integrated at the foot of the handle which enables it to be used in all conditions with a 110 decible range that can be heard at a distance of about 300 metres in an open area. 

Safety Ring

Invented in 1955 by Marcel Opinel, the Virobloc safety ring is a unique feature on all the closing knives from the N° 06 upwards. Cut out of stainless steel, the Virobloc consists of two parts: a fixed part and a sliding part. In addition to locking the blade in the open position (safe operation), it is possible to lock the blade in the closed position for safe carrying.