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Opinel N°06 Pocket Knife - Carbon Steel Blade - Beechwood Handle

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Opinel N°06 Pocket Knife - Carbon Steel Blade - Beechwood Handle

The N°06 is the smallest Opinel with the double Virobloc security system to ensure complete safety when in open and closed positions.

It is perfectly suited for outdoor activities and sports as well as for small jobs around the house such as sewing and craftwork.

Its small size is particularly suitable for petite little fingers!

Blade length

7 cm

Carbon steel

Carbon steel is extremely hard, thereby guaranteeing excellent cutting quality, good wear resistance and easy regrinding. Carbon can corrode easily. We advise you to avoid damp locations and to wipe and grease the blade after use.


Beech is the most commonly used wood for the manufacture of Opinel handles. From France, our beech is hard, durable and easy to work. With a homogeneous appearance, its light color varies from yellow to pink. It is characterized by the presence of numerous small dark dashes.