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Opinel "Le Petit Chef" Vegetable Peeler for Children

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Opinel "Le Petit Chef" Vegetable Peeler for Children

Teach children how to cook in safety with Opinel. 

Le Petit Chef peeler is equipped with a teaching ring which helps children to position their fingers correctly to develop a pulling action for easy peeling.

The Peeler is also ideal for adults who require additional assistance when preparing food.

"Le Petit Chef" Peeler:
Stainless steel blade
Easy to peel by pulling
Beech handle, colorless varnish

The "Le Petit Chef" Collection is a practical 'starting-out' set for young people who want to get involved in the kitchen and develop their skills.  


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"Le Petit Chef" Knife:
10 cm rounded stainless steel blade length , robust and perfect for cutting and slicing
Beech handle, colorless varnish

"Le Petit Chef" Finger guard:
To protect the hand holding the food being cut.
It allows to adopt the position of the "claw", the first two knuckles bent, the thumb and little finger holding the food