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All Black DOUK DOUK Pocket Knife by M C Cognet, Thiers, FRANCE - 200 mm

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All Black DOUK DOUK Pocket Knife by M C Cognet, Thiers, FRANCE - 200 mm

The Douk-Douk® ALL BLACK is made by M C Cognet in their workshop in Thiers, France. Using artisanal and traditional metal working methods that have forged their reputation across the World for more than eighty years.

This model, with its distinctive black blade and handle is a true collector's item and only available from selected outlets. We are pleased to be working with M C Cognet to bring this knife to you.

With a fully opened length of 200 mm and a strong spring lock, it makes an ideal pocket knife. It is light in weight yet robust and able to take on many different jobs. So, apart from using it around the home or your work space it also makes an ideal companion when camping, hiking or hunting.


The steel (XC75 Carbon Steel) is sourced for its extremely high quality and the whole knife making process is undertaken by hand by skilled craftsmen.

The spirit of its original maker, Gaspard or 'Gaston' Cognet lives on through this very special knife.


200 mm total length

85 mm blade

70 g weight