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Pallarès Solsona Pocket Knife - Rams Horn - Carbon Steel Blade - 'Pedraforca'

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Pallarès Solsona Pocket Knife - Rams Horn - Carbon Steel Blade - Pedraforca

Pedraforca Folding Pocket Knife - Rams Horn Handle - 9 cm Carbon Steel Blade - Pallares, Solsona, Spain

The Pedraforca folding pocket knife by Pallares has a high quality carbon steel blade and tough rams horn handle and is made to very exacting standards by Catalonia craftsmen.

It makes a beautiful gift and collector's item and is also a handy tool for anyone looking for a robust and versatile knife.

The tough rams horn handle provides the perfect grip in wet or dry conditions and as no two knives ar the same gives every knife a unique identity.


Do not leave the blade in a wet condition after use in order to prevent rusting. Always wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.

Carbon steel will develop its own unique patina over time and can be sharpened with ease whenever required.