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About Us


About us

Our story started over thirty years ago. 
As fully trained artists and craft potters we made and supplied stoneware pottery to some of the finest shops in the world, from London to Bermuda and beyond. We opened a shop in the Shropshire countryside, then another and so on. We had six!
But time moves on and so did we.
We wanted to do things differently and, after relocating to France, we were inspired by all things French, the way of life and the wonderful hand made products that are available here. 
As successful apiculturalists or 'bee-keepers' we grew our business and now produce tons of honey for French consumption but, we missed our international retail roots and so decided to combine the two together. 
Thus was born La Miellerie a little shop with an extensive reach!
With our love of crafts and traditional manufacturing techniques, we have now put all these things in one place. A place that celebrates all the things we love. From wonderful handmade knives to natural soaps like Savon de Marseille and we always have our honey on hand!
Based in the mountains of southern Ardeche, France. We continue to be inspired. We take our time to hunt out items for you to enjoy that fall into our criteria. We will never offer you anything that is mass produced, or not made by craftsmen.
We will also bring you from time to time items made and designed by us. Using traditional techniques and often working with some of the finest makers in their field.  
As you browse through or online store we hope you will discover the best that your money can buy and share in our philosophy to have beautiful things around you. 
Thank you for the time you have given us to read our story, and we hope you enjoy our store.