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French Pocket Knife by MC Cognet, Le Montpellier, Blonde Horn Handle, 20cm

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French Pocket Knife by MC Cognet, Le Montpellier, Blonde Horn Handle, 20cm

  • Handle 11cm: Bovine Horn

  • Length open: 20cm

  • Blade 9cm: Carbon Steel


The earliest versions of The Montpellier were the knives of choice of members of the French navy iused for cutting rope and leather and for a multitude of tasks. They gradually disappeared in the early twentieth century, victims of the improvements made in pocket knife spring mechanisms.

Amazingly some blades and parts of the original knies were discovered in the attics of the M C Cognet workshops in Thiers.

These parts, along with research in period books have lifted the secrets of this model that everyone thought was lost to history.

The re-edition of The Montpellier is made identical to the earlier models with respect to its original manufacture.

This model is available with a distinctive angular carbon forged blade ideal for cutting jobs, and a bovine horn handle. The material is taken from the tip of one horn to form either side of the handle, making the knife unique in its make up so that no two knives will be the same.


Pocket knife handles are sourced from the following animals and not from endangered species:

Bovine bones; cow bone; buffalo bones; bones of belier; camel bone; bovine horn. cow horn; buffalo horn; horn of belier; deer horn.

We are the official authorized retailer for the cutler, MC Cognet.