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French Pocket Knife by MC Cognet, Le Capucin, Blonde Horn Handle, 23cm

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French Pocket Knife by MC Cognet, Le Capucin, Blonde Horn Handle, 23cm


  • Handle 13cm: Blonde Animal Horn
  • Open Length: 23cm
  • Lame 10cm: Carbon Steel.

Composed of a forged carbon steel blade, a bovine horn handle and two strong rivets, the closing system of this beautiful handmade knife is one of the oldest known.

The distinctive angular form of the handle is typical of traditional knives from the Pyrenees region. Its name, 'Le Capucin' originates from the shape of the handle that evokes the silhouette of a monk whose head would be covered with the hood of his cassock.

The knife maker uses the tips of two horns to make either side of the handle, therefore making each knife unique in its final form with no horn resembling another. It takes a whole horn to make the handle of a capuchin.

Horn is a living and natural material so details that may appear as defects such as micro cracks, or small chips are simply due to the environment that affected the animal during its life such as the food and water that was available and fighting with peers.


Pocket knife handles are made from the following animals and not from endangered species:

Bovine bones; cow bone; buffalo bones; bones of belier; camel bone; bovine horn. cow horn; buffalo horn; horn of belier; deer horn.

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