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About Us



In France our shop, La Miellerie is known as a ‘coutellerie’ which roughly translates to ‘cutlery shop’, but as with many translations it doesn’t tell the whole story. Yes, we do sell cutlery, but our focus is on selling custom made knives to people who appreciate quality and workmanship.

We have partnered with some of the top knife makers and brands in France and other parts of Europe such as Victorinox, Opinel, M C Cognet, Thiers-Issard, VerdierAntonini, Pallares Solsona and Eggington to bring you the best quality knives on the market. Look out for our latest products and limited editions.

If you step inside you’ll find pocket knives, folding knives, multifunction knives and tools, kitchen knives, table knives and camping and utility knives, oh and yes, even secateurs.

We sell everything from the robust little Douk Douk with its wonderful history and reputation right through to luxury silver and Damascus knives which are true heirloom pieces.

Knives are objects that we all possess, but not many people give a lot of thought to them except when they need a sharp and robust knife for use in the kitchen or for some other task.

Taking the time to find a knife worthy of being in Jamie Oliver’s top draw or in Bear Gryll’s rucksack and at an affordable price is really worth the effort. To help you along we don’t just stand behind our shop counter, we actively search out the best designs to bring you knives that will last you for years to come.

Once you have found the knife that best suits your needs and lifestyle we guarantee you’ll take your cutting skills up another notch.


Opinel No 8 - Oak Handle - Black Electroplated Steel Blade